How to give a chair massage

How to give a chair massage? Chair massages haves been designed to give brief, targeted massages especially in the workplace, but also for people who experience difficulties lying on their stomach or back due to pain or shortness of breath.


The chair massage is given on a massage chair specially designed

for this purpose, which allows the client to be massaged while seated and without the need for them to remove any clothing.

A full chair massage session is effective and does not take long. One

session lasts 20 minutes, while the effects of a session last for a long time.


After a session, one feels refreshed and fit, both mentally and physically. The neck, shoulder area and back are given a thorough massage,

but the head, arms and hands are massaged as well.


The effect is remarkable both physically and psychologically, especially when the treatment is repeated regularly.

This massage is especially recommended for and appreciated by people who work behind a computer all day long.

Because this group is working in the same posture and making the same repetitive movements too often and for too long without interruption.


A chair massage works primarily as a preventive measure, consider RSI symptoms, shoulder and neck problems and headaches.


A session lasts 15 to 20 minutes. It’s mainly the neck, shoulders, arms/hands and lower back that are massaged. When neck pain is present

the chair masseur will address this by paying more attention to the neck area and massaging it for longer.

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