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Foot Reflexology

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Foot Reflexology

Reflex zone Therapy is a centuries-old therapeutic treatment, which was and is used in many cultures to remain in optimal health.
 It is a therapeutic system whereby the feet and hands are deeply massaged without exceeding the pain threshold!

Reflexology probably originated in China, 3000 BC. In China it was often used in combination with acupuncture. But also in Egypt inscriptions were found from 2500 BC which indicated reflex zone therapy.

In reflex zone therapy, we assume the body is divided into ten vertical energy paths, the so-called energy lines. Thus, these lines have nothing to do with acupuncture or meridians.

You can imagine that if your shoes are too tight, you can experience problems with that particular energy line. This can indeed have an effect on your health!


With our online course foot reflexology you will discover and treat the reflex points of the organs step by step via video material. Truly a lovely massage, and this treatment also has a preventive effect on underlying complaints!

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Online Foot Reflexology Course

This online course will teach you everything you want to know about reflex zone therapy and everything you need to know to give a wonderful and decent foot massage.

We therefore guarantee the high quality of this course, which you can follow at a very attractive price.

Such a wonderful relaxing treatment!

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What will you learn in this course?

                •   You become familiar with the healing and wholesome effects of foot reflexology:
                •   Know how foot reflexology originated and how it works.
                •   You can apply the acquired knowledge by means of foot reflexology massage.
                •   You learn the full foot reflex; names of the foot reflex zones and points, where and how you apply pressure, how long a treatment lasts.
                •   Indications and contraindications; when is foot reflexology beneficial or not?
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Make people very happy

    •   Bowels will function better

    •   Foot reflex prevents constipation

    •   Headaches can be reduced
    •   Neck and shoulder complaints can lessen
    •   Stress reducing
online classes foot reflexology

What is included in this online course foot reflexology?

  •  Online videos Foot reflex: You can follow the video online, which teaches you the entire foot reflex massage step by step. All you need is an internet connection.
  •  The complete workbook Foot reflexology, a clear step-by-step plan illustrated with pictures.
  •   A map with all foot reflex points, very convenient when practicing

Free access to the member portal!

Immediately after registration  you will receive the login codes to access the online Foot reflexology massage course. 

The entire course is explained here on clear video material

So you can view the entire massage at all times.

The syllabus can be downloaded & printed here.

What do our students say?

A great purchase!
I bought the online course and it has been very useful. I live abroad and it is useful to be able to read it again. I must say that it was a great purchase! It is explained so clearly with videos and extensive written explanation. Just perfect. It is that I live so far away, otherwise I know where I would take my course.
I am so satisfied
I want to let you know it was an informative course. Everything was clearly explained step by step. Also, everything was taken care of properly. My compliments. I am so satisfied that I have registered for the next course already, because there is still enough for me to learn from your experience and knowledge of your profession. I have already given several people a massage and the reactions were positive. I owe this to you
Everything was very clear.
Everything was very clear. You receive good teaching materials and videos. Highly recommended. If I had questions I could send an email and received an answer promptly.
 Practice day went really well and tips are provided. Correction is applied where necessary. A smooth and friendly welcome. Thank you! 👍🏻
classes foot reflexology
€ 97,-

Online course Foot Reflexology

After Following This Online course Foot Reflexology, Your Will Be Able to Give a Lovely and Proper Foot Reflex Massage!