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Cupping massage

Relieve your hands and ensure optimal blood flow

online cupping massage course

Online Cupping Massage Course

By applying a cupping massage toxins will be removed.

The blood flow is stimulated because the cups drain the blood upwards.

In China, the old method (which is still applied) was used by briefly holding a flame in a half glass ball or ceramic cup and placing the cup on the skin, due to the lack of oxygen in the ball, a vacuum is created and the skin is sucked up.

Nowadays there are cups (besides glass cups also plastic cups) where you vacuum the cups via a pump, but also the well-known cups with a pump attached to the cup itself.

An ancient method from the Traditional Chinese Medicine which you can use to treat your clients.

online cupping massage classes

When to apply a cupping massage?

      •   Cupping massage has a very deep effect on congested muscles.
      •   Ensures optimal blood flow and is therefore useful when blockages of the muscles occur.
      •   Enhances the removal of toxins and has a draining effect.
      •   Works very well against cellulite; by enhancing the blood flow, the cells are stimulated and a better cell metabolism is obtained.
cupping course massage

You learn to:

            •  Recognize contraindications and indications
            •  Treatment of the back and placing of cups on blocked muscle groups.
            •  Treating cellulite on the buttocks and legs.
            •  Working with different types of cups.
            •  The complete cupping massage
            •  Cupping provides good blood flow to muscles and tissues.
            •  You can explain the benefits of a cupping massage to your clients.
            •  Remove blockages in muscle groups, stimulate drainage of the skin.
online cupping massage course

An investment you, your family, friends and clients will enjoy for a lifetime!

The cupping massage is good for; 

  • Back complaints
  • Headaches
  • Cellulite
  • Rheumatism
  • Circulatory disturbances

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online cupping massage classes

What Is Included In This Online Cupping Massage Course?


    •   Work book, syllabus in the form of an E-Book
    •   Video material: follow the complete massage step by step, all you need is an internet connection
€ 97,-

Online Cupping Massage Course

An investment you, your family and friends will

enjoy for a lifetime!