Types of massage

What types of massage are there? There are many types of massage, wellness massages, but also therapeutic massages.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Never again suffer from pain in your hands while giving a massage?

Learn how to massage in a completely different way?

Massage Forearm techniques: With the forearm massage techniques we can massage in a deep way, while the strain on the hands and fingers is minimal.

By also massaging with the elbows we can go deeper into the muscles in a pleasant way. By massaging with the forearms, the masseur makes a dancing movement and this massage is wonderful to give.

The forearm massage course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to massage in a different way than with the hands alone, and already has some knowledge of massage.

Front and back of the body are massaged with different forearm and elbow techniques.

Foot Reflexology

Reflex zone Therapy is a centuries-old therapeutic treatment, which was and is used in many cultures to remain in optimal health.
It is a therapeutic system whereby the feet and hands are deeply massaged without exceeding the pain threshold!

Reflexology probably originated in China, 3000 BC. In China it was often used in combination with acupuncture. But also in Egypt inscriptions were found from 2500 BC which indicated reflex zone therapy.

In reflex zone therapy, we assume the body is divided into ten vertical energy paths, the so-called energy lines. Thus, these lines have nothing to do with acupuncture or meridians.

You can imagine that if your shoes are too tight, you can experience problems with that particular energy line. This can indeed have an effect on your health!

With our online course foot reflexology you will discover and treat the reflex points of the organs step by step via video material. Truly a lovely massage, and this treatment also has a preventive effect on underlying complaints!

Other types of massage:

Cupping Massage

By applying a cupping massage toxins will be removed.

The blood flow is stimulated because the cups drain the blood upwards.

In China, the old method (which is still applied) was used by briefly holding a flame in a half glass ball or ceramic cup and placing the cup on the skin, due to the lack of oxygen in the ball, a vacuum is created and the skin is sucked up.

Nowadays there are cups (besides glass cups also plastic cups) where you vacuum the cups via a pump, but also the well-known cups with a pump attached to the cup itself.

An ancient method from the Traditional Chinese Medicine which you can use to treat your clients.

Chair massage

A chair massage is a brief massage that lasts 15 to 20 minutes. Clients get to keep their clothes on. You use a chair specially designed for chair massages. You can easily take this chair with you. So you can give massages either in the workplace or in people’ s homes.

The advantages of
a proper chair massage

Various problems can be prevented or remedied by regular chair massage, such as: RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and general shoulder and neck discomfort. These issues often occur as a result of incorrect work postures or staying in the same work posture, or as a result of stress.

A lot of companies have discovered the benefits of chair massage and offer their employees the opportunity to enjoy it on a regular basis. It is inexpensive and improves employees’ work ethic, productivity and loyalty.

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