Things You Need to Know About Herbal Stamp Massage

Things You Need to Know About Herbal Stamp Massage

The herbal stamp massage is a traditional healing method in many Far Eastern cultures. Indian Ayurveda uses herbal stamp massages that use various oils, also known as Pinda Sweda or Pinda Sveda. The herbal mix in the stamps is customized to each client according to Ayurveda's centuries-old tradition. The stamps, which are tightly sealed, are used as massage aids during the stamp massage.

Aside from its Indian origins, it is also incorporated in traditional Thai massage that uses hot herbal bags with a long history of thousands of years. It is an essential part of beauty and regeneration treatment that many people have used over the years.

With the diverse cultural origins of herbal stamp massage, the holistic approach of herbal stamp massage is at the center of this form of massage. A herbal stamp massage not only addresses the physical concerns but also includes the mental and spiritual aspects with its relaxing effect that helps regulate one's mental and physical functions.

What is herbal stamp massage?

Herbal stamp massage uses different herbs that intensively help detoxify, regenerate, and take care of the skin. Herbal stamp massage stimulates the body to function better and calms the body at the same time.

The healing effects of warm herbal stamps go deep into the tissues and organs. Of all the massages, the herbal stamp massage is considered the most pervasive in the body.

What are the different health benefits of an herbal stamp massage?

An herbal stamp massage has various beneficial effects on the entire body, which include the following:

  1. Relaxing effect for muscle tension
  2. Relieves stress
  3. Relieves back and neck problems
  4. Improves blood circulation and metabolism
  5. Nourishing impact on the skin
  6. Strengthening the immune system

Herbal stamp massage also improves different complaints, such as joint problems, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and kidney problems.

When is an herbal stamp massage as sensible as wellness treatment?

The herbal stamp massage is one form of relaxation massage wherein massage experts use it to help relieve muscle tenseness, stress, rheumatic complaints, or joint problems. The proper use of herbal stamp massage can help in stimulating self-healing and promoting metabolism in the long run. The herbal blend in the wellness treatment can be relaxing, reassuring, or refreshing.

How is an herbal stamp massage performed?

The herbal stamp massage is performed on a couch or a floor mattress. Traditional Thai massage uses herbal stamps that are heated in steam. In Indian Ayurveda, herbal stamps are soaked with heated oil and then used to massage the body.

In a herbal stamp massage, a cotton cloth or a stamp (bolis) is filled with spices, herbs, blossoms, and sesame which bring essences and flavor and positively affect one's body and soul. The stamp or bolis is a tool in performing an effective herbal stamp massage technique dipped in warm water and oil for a soothing and relaxing effect.

Which herbs are used for the herbal stamp massage?

The composition of herbs in a herbal stamp massage can be individually adapted based on the client's needs. There are different mixtures used for deceleration, detoxification, or regeneration. Some herbs have a calming effect, such as St. john's wort, lime blossom, or valerian. Meanwhile, other herbs such as lemon balm leaves, chamomile herb, and lemon peel lean more towards a refreshing and stimulating effect that will positively impact one's body in the long run.

Preparation for herbal stamp massage

Generally, herbal stamp massages are combined with massage oil on smooth and oiled skin. Massage oil should be odorless not to mask the aroma of herbs and spices used in the herbal stamp massage.

For example, sesame oil is frequently used for herbal stamp massage, as herbs are heated in hot steam. Special devices are used to heat the herbs that keep the herbal stamps warm during the massage session.

Once the herbal stamps are warmed up, the herbal ingredients are released and can unfold during the massage. Additionally, herbal stamps are available for face and body use in different sizes.


An herbal stamp massage can be divided into three sections: the relaxation phase, the direct herbal stamp massage, and the resting phase.

Relaxation Phase

During the relaxation phase, the body is massaged and rubbed thoroughly with oil that generates a relaxing effect. The body must be oiled so the stamp can be applied to the body.

Direct herbal stamp massage

During the beginning of the direct herbal stamp massage, the massage therapist applies herbal stamps, and the body is tapped with two 90 degrees of hot herbal stamps, followed by short and quick strokes. Once the herbal stamp reached a warm and skin-friendly temperature, the massage alternated between firm and gentle movements across the body, circles, and strokes on the muscles, the meridians, and the body's lymphatic channels. The energy gates are used to move the herbal stamp. You can change the tempo and pressure techniques continuously throughout the massage session.

The warmth is beneficial in tight areas, wherein the body feels the tension released very gently. The lower the temperature of the herbal stamp, the slower and more intense the massage can be.

Overall, the herbal stamp used in the massage session is replaced at least three times to achieve a warming effect on the muscles and tissues. After the treatment phase with the application of herbal stamps to the body, the resting and feeling phase begins.

How long does an herbal stamp massage take?

A full-body herbal stamp massage takes from 60 minutes up to 90 minutes as experts incorporate herbal stamps that would bring different benefits to the body. After the whole massage session, the client is also given some time to dwell on the positive benefits of the herbal stamp massage.

Different massage therapy types, such as herbal stamp massage among many others, are geared towards various forms of healing for the body. You may visit Online Massage Courses through their official website to learn more about how to do and execute a relaxing and soothing herbal stamp massage and its benefits for the body.

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