bamboo massage course

Bamboo massage

Curious how you can give a wonderful relaxing Bamboo massage?

online bamboo massage course

Learn how to give a wonderful Bamboo massage, lovely to give!

Bamboo massage has been used as a therapy since ancient times.

By using bamboo sticks during a massage, the body can be worked more deeply, thereby optimally stimulating the nerve endings in superficial muscles and the skin.

In addition, the warm oil and treatment with bamboo a healing effect so that toxins (waste) are removed.

Bamboo rods are used to stimulate the ends of the nerves in the skin and muscles. This improves the blood circulation, so that more oxygen will enter the cells.

All concepts and techniques of a Bamboo massage are discussed in this educational online course.

When you have completed this online Bamboo massage course you can give a lovely Bamboo massage!

massage with bamboo

Online massage course

  •   Choice and use of massage oil.
  •   Giving a complete bamboo massage.
  •   Use of the bamboo massage sticks
  •   Recognizing contraindications; when is massage responsible or not?
bamboo massage course

Love to massage

  •   Skills you will not forget
  •   Knowledge no one can take away from you
  •   Earn money without feeling like you have to work for it
  •   With different video's you learn how to give  a lovely massage.
  •   In the workbook the entire massage is outlined once more and you can download and print it.
  •   So you don't have to leave the house but can start right away!
online bamboo massage course

An investment you, your family, friends and clients will enjoy for a lifetime!

This online course massage techniques for Bamboo massage is ideal if you want to learn all the necessary techniques to give a good massage. When you are interested in a qualitatively high-level massage course, then you have come to the right place!

Here you can follow an online massage course, where in the first place, you learn all massage techniques, but also learn to let your personal touch and feelings channel through so that you as a masseur, will be unique.

Free access to the member portal!

Immediately after registration  you will receive the login codes to access the online course massage techniques for Bamboo massage. 

The entire course is explained here on clear video material

So you can view the entire massage at all times.

The syllabus can be downloaded & printed here.

massage with bamboo

What Is Included In This Online Bamboo Massage course?


    •   Work book, syllabus in the form of an E-Book
    •   Video material: follow the complete massage step by step, all you need is an internet connection
online bamboo massage course
€ 77,-

Online Bamboo Massage Course

An investment you, your family and friends will

enjoy for a lifetime!