What is Lomi-Lomi massage?

What You Need To Know Before Getting a Lomi-Lomi Massage


What is Lomi-Lomi massage?

The Lomi Lomi massage was developed in ancient Hawaii and spread to the rest of the world by Polynesian people. Because "Lomi" means "gently rub," you may be certain that this massage will not be overly forceful or intense. This traditional healing approach has some parallels with Chinese-based massages that use "qi" or energy to build a more powerful connection between your body and mind, supporting greater recovery.


Traditionally, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage was used as a therapeutic technique for indigenous healers, also to aid digestion, particularly among ruling leaders, and as a therapeutic massage within the family.


It was banned in the nineteenth century by colonial masters who considered massage a pagan practice. However, Lomi-Lomi Massage as a therapeutic massage has remained popular among Hawaiians and all across the world. The legislation was altered and modified in 2001 to guarantee that this massage may only be performed by native practitioners licensed by the Hawaiian medical board.

Hawaiian Massage masters Abraham Kawaii and Magaret Machado developed the organized approach taught and practiced today. Instead of prayer and chanting, Lomi-Lomi massage therapists were urged to provide their customers with peaceful mental space and compassionate touch. This adaption has contributed to the global popularity of Lomi-Lomi Massage. 


What happens during a Lomi-Lomi massage?

During a Lomi-Lomi massage, the therapist will use long strokes on your arms and hands, moving throughout your body in various locations. The repeated and rhythmic nature of the massage and the concentration on stroking several places at once induce profound relaxation. This is because your brain cannot readily concentrate on two regions simultaneously, making you feel more serene. The method is comprehensive, with the goal of treating you on all levels: mind, body, emotion, and spirit.


Ask your Lomi-Lomi massage therapist how much you should undress and what you will be covered throughout the session. In contrast to other types of massage, Lomi-Lomi utilizes full-body, sweeping strokes. Your practitioner will likely ask you to cover yourself with a tiny towel rather than the huge sheet or many towels you may have encountered with other massage types. It is also possible that you may be requested to lay directly on the massage table rather than on a towel or sheet.


Before your Lomi-Lomi session, your practitioner may sit quietly with you, possibly with their hands softly resting on your back. They may recite a quiet blessing to request your healing.


Your Lomi-Lomi therapist will instinctively design a one-of-a-kind treatment for you. Massages are never the same. Some sections of your session may be relative and include very slow movements, while others will be more fast-paced. Your practitioner will most likely utilize long, flowing, continuous strokes to massage your muscles softly and forcefully. This touch is intended to nourish your body, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment.


To soften your body, your practitioner will utilize their hands and forearms to offer lengthy, continuous full-body strokes. They may work on several regions of your body at the same time to give you a sense of profound harmony and balance. They will most likely assist you in stretching and rotating your joints to release any trapped energy. To aid energy flow, practitioners blend singing, chanting, and dancing with breath training. Humming, in particular, has the ability to enhance energy and eliminate obstructions. 


In a Lomi-Lomi massage, you may have emotional releases which your practitioner will understand and accept. Following your session, your therapist may sit with you in silence again and recite another blessing to clear your mind of any bad ideas and emotions affecting your physical health. Your Lomi-Lomi experience may have a long-lasting therapeutic impact, particularly if you have a significant emotional release. 


What are the advantages of Lomi-Lomi massage?

Lomi-Lomi is used to facilitate healing for a variety of health concerns, but its primary function is to assist the body in becoming a healthier healing environment. It does this by relaxing you rather than targeting a specific problem area. You will have more excellent circulation and less muscular stress. Lomi-Lomi may also be utilized to detoxify your body and activate your lymphatic system, producing an overall sensation of tranquility.


A few tips before having a Lomi-Lomi massage

Because this might be an extreme experience, avoid eating large meals beforehand. Plan on the massage lasting one to two hours. It is best to avoid early or mid-day sessions since they are physically demanding, which means your hair or makeup will not endure. Take benefit of the advantages of Lomi-Lomi on vacation, at the end of the day, or on a relaxing weekend when you have time to bask in the radiance of the experience. Inform your doctor if you have a medical condition such as a bleeding disease, pregnancy, or a tumor.


Traditional Lomi-Lomi masters' practice is done privately and is becoming more challenging to obtain, but modern variations have become more publicly accessible. One distinction between ancient and modern techniques is that humming, dancing, and chanting are less prevalent in modern sessions, which instead provide a quiet place for meditation.


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