Connective Tissue massage

Cosmetic Connective Tissue Massage 

The facelift effect!

Cosmetic Connective Tissue Massage &

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A young, smooth and wrinkle-free face is made up of good, strong connective tissue that forms on the inside. This connective tissue is full of collagen and elastin. As the skin ages, less collagen and elastin is produced in the connective tissue. It loses its elasticity! The skin starts to slacken more and more. This leads to: wrinkles.

Wrinkles that will eventually become deeper wrinkles. Cosmetic connective tissue massage improves the skin structure and activates cell renewal, leaving the skin looking younger. Connective tissue massage is an intensive massage technique which is geared towards the skin's ability to recover. The following effects are hereby stimulated:

  • Cell division
  • Blood circulation
  • Oxygen transport
  • Active ingredient uptake
  • Skin condition
  • Skin metabolism
  • Enhanced function of the skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Firming up of the subcutaneous connective tissue
  • Prevention of aging skin 
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    Online massage course

    •   Giving a complete Cosmetic Connective Tissue Massage of the face.
    •   Effleurage; the first stroking movements to spread the massage oil over the body     and relax the body.
    •   Petrissage (kneading); a massage grip that mainly affects the muscles and blood   vessels.
    •  Recognizing contraindications; when is massage responsible or not?
    •  Face and neck connective tissue massage
    •  Face and neck cupping massage
    •  Correct application of products that are used in the massages
    •  How to apply a mask and follow-up care after this massage
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    Love to massage

    •   Skills you will not forget
    •   Knowledge no one can take away from you
    •   Earn money without feeling like you have to work for it
    •   With different video's you learn how to give  a lovely massage.
    •   In the workbook the entire massage is outlined once more and you can download and print it.
    •   So you don't have to leave the house but can start right away!
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    An investment you, your family, friends and clients will enjoy for a lifetime!

    You just see the skin improve with cosmetic connective tissue massage!

    Connective tissue massage: the skin benefits from an optimal blood circulation with the help of this special massage technique.

    New collagen is produced whenever this massage is carried out, causing wrinkles to fade away and skin condition to improve. This massage rejuvenates the face and skin looks refreshed and radiant.

    This online course massage techniques for this massage is ideal if you want to learn all the necessary techniques to give a good massage. When you are interested in a qualitatively high-level massage course, then you have come to the right place!

    Here you can follow an online massage course, where in the first place, you learn all massage techniques, but also learn to let your personal touch and feelings channel through so that you as a masseur, will be unique.

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    Immediately after registration  you will receive the login codes to access the online course massage techniques for Cosmetic Connective Tissue Massage. 

    The entire course is explained here on clear video material

    So you can view the entire massage at all times.

    The syllabus can be downloaded & printed here.

    What Is Included In This Online Cosmetic Connective Tissue Massage Course?


      •   Work book, syllabus in the form of an E-Book
      •   Video material: follow the complete massage step by step, all you need is an internet connection
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      Results of this training course:


      •  You will understand the value of this anti-wrinkle treatment.
      •  That's what you want for all your (future) clients! And that is what you will also be able to offer them after following this course.
      •  You will master the connective tissue massage and facial cupping massage.
      •  You can convince others of the positive effects of this anti-wrinkle treatment based on your own experiences.

    What do our students say?

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    I followed a online course. This one was very clear. The teaching materials and films you get with it are very good. I definitely recommend it! If I had any questions I could send an email and this was answered very quickly.
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    I've just completed the training to become a massage therapist. Just terrific, good explanations, fun and experienced trainers.
      Definitely worth doing
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    The courses that I followed were terrific. Good teaching materials and good films. Professionally-skilled people who know how to teach and explain things well. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested!
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    Online Cosmetic Connective Tissue Massage course

    What will you get with this cosmetic connective tissue massage home study?

    * You will receive the login codes  which will give you   access  to the online film material of the complete treatment which you can watch and   practice. 

    * All you need is an internet connection!

    * Get the workbook PDF, which contains all the information that you need to be able to give good treatments. 

    * You can now start straightaway!