musculus rhomboideus major

musculus rhomboideus major and musculus rhomboideus minor (major rhomboid muscle and minor rhomboid muscle)

 musculus rhomboideus major

O : proc. spinosi Th1-7

I   : inner ridge of the scapula (under the spina scapula)

F : movement of the shoulder blade towards the spine while holding the shoulder blade still (fixation) whenever this is needed to support arm and hand movements.

(movement of turning the scapula towards the medial and cranial, fixating the scapula on the torso)

In serveral massages we give petrissage to the muscles of the arm

rotator cuff


musculus supraspinatus (upper scapular muscle), musculus infraspinatus (main scapular muscle), musuclus teres minor (small round arm muscle), musculus subscapularis (lower scapular muscle)

O : spread over the entire scapula, both front and back I : tuberculum majus and tuberculum minus (both frontal and upper humerus)

F : powerful stabilizers of the shoulder joint


musculus biceps brachii (two-headed arm-bending muscle)


O : caput longum (long head) : tuberculum supraglenoidal caput breve (short head) : proc. coracoideus

I   : tuberositas radii

F : - Antiflexion: helps to raise the arm
  • Flexion: Helps to bend the underside of the arm
  • Supination: movement of twisting the arm outwards

And the biceps brachii muscle keeps the arm firmly in the socket.


musculus brachialis (Casserio's muscle, upper arm muscle/front upper arm muscle): movement of bending the arm without supination. Lifting heavy loads is the optimum way to use this muscle.


musculus brachioradialis (upper-forearm muscle, lateral radial muscle): movement of bending the arm and placing the forearm at the midpoint between pro- and supination.


musculus triceps brachii (three-headed arm extension muscle)


The triceps brachii muscle is located at the back of the upper arm, it has 3 muscle heads.


O : caput longum : tuberculum infra glenoidal, caput medial/caput lateral : medial and lateral part of the upper arm

I   : olecranon

F : keeps the arm in the socket, movement of stretching the forearm (extension), retroflexion= moving the arm backwards, also slight adduction of the arm (moving towards the body).



musclus extensor carpi radialis longus/brevis (long and short radial wrist extension muscle): Tennis elbow (the long muscle).


musculus flexor carpi radialis longus/brevis ( long and short radial wrist flexion muscle): Golfer's elbow, (the long muscle).

musculus rhomboideus major

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