Muscles leg

Muscles leg

mm.gluteii (buttock muscles)

Of course we do not forget the muscles legs during a massage
Muscles leg

gluteus maximus > large buttock muscle, this one is visible.

gluteus medius (often a cause of lower back pain) > middle gluteus minimus > small buttock muscle

O : sacrum, pelvic border

I   : tractus iliotibialis, greater trochanter

F : hip extension, endo/exorot, abd/add


musculus piriformis (pear-shaped/piriform muscle)


Can cause sciatica pain. O : sacrum

I   : greater trochanter

F : powerful rotator and abductor (from 90 degrees) hip



m. quadriceps femoris (four-headed thigh muscle)


musculus rectus femoris (front thigh muscle) O : spina iliaca anterior inferior (pelvis)

I   : tuberositas tibiae via igamentum patellae (knee)


musculi vastus medialis (inner thigh muscle) O : labium mediale of the femur (thigh muscle)

I   : tuberositas tibia via ligamentum patellae


m.vastus lateralis (outer thigh muscle) O : greater trochanter

I   : tuberositas tibia via ligamentum patellae


m.vastus intermedius (middle broad thigh muscle) O : facies anterior of the femur

I : tuberositas tibia via ligamentum patellae


F : flexion hip, hip joint extension


hamstring muscles, hamstrings


musculus biceps femoris (two-headed thigh muscle)

O : caput longum : tuber ischiadicum (sit bones) caput breve : labium laterale of the femur (thighbone)

I : caput fibulae (head of the calf bone)

F : hip extension and exorotation, flexion and exorotation of the knee


musculus semitendinosus (superficial muscle) musculus semimembranosus (semimembranous muscle) O : tuber ischiadicum

I : condylus medialis of the tibia

F : hip extension and endorotation, flexion and endorotation of the knee



musculus pectineus (pubic bone muscle), adductor brevis muscle, longus adductor muscle, magnus adductor muscle

musculus gracilis


tensor fascia latae muscle


O : spina iliaca anterior superior (spias) I : (via tractus iliotibialis), tibia

F : flexion, hip abduction and endorotation, stabilization of the knee in the extended position Lower leg muscles.

musculus gastrocnemius (calf muscle)

(incidental injury: whiplash)

O : condylus medialis of the femur I      : tuber calcanei via achilles tendon

F : flexion knee joint, plantar flexion foot, supination foot


musculus soleus (lower calf muscle)


O : fibula and tibia dorsal/proximal I : tuber calcanei via achilles tendon

F :plantar flexion foot, supination foot


 peroneus muscles (long and short calf muscles)

anterior/posterior musculi tibialis (front and back shinbone muscles)

The anterior tibial muscle is located on the front of the lower leg. It runs from the front of the tibia to the middle of the upper part of the foot. It is responsible for dorsiflexion (stretching) of the foot and supination (lifting the inner side of the foot).

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muscles leg
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