facial muscles

A number of superficial facial muscles, mimetic muscles:


The mimetic muscles are divided into:
  • musculi epicranus, muscles on the top part (calvaria) of the skull
  • muscles in the eyelid area
  • muscles in the nasal area
  • muscles in the mouth area

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musculus occipitofrontalis (back of the head/forehead muscle)

(2 parts)


O:      on the back of the head and the skin of the forehead area. The front part is closely connected to the orbicular eyelid muscle.

I: Scalp

F: frowning and raising the eyebrows ( surprise)


musculus temporoparietalis (parietal bone-temporal bone muscle): runs together with the musculus temporalis.


O: Temporal fascia of the head I:          behind the ear

F: wrinkling of the forehead ( surprise)


Facial muscles

 musculus orbicularis oculi (circular eyelid muscle):

(comprised of 3 parts)


O: around the eye socket, on the eyelids

I: in the corner of the eye near the nose, on the upper jaw

F: ( tight) eye closure, is very close to the skin and causes what is known as 'crow's feet' (concern).


 musculus procerus (pyramidalis nasi)


O: nose bridge

I: radiates from the skin of the forehead

F: Perpendicular furrow over the nasal root (threat)


 musculus nasalis (nasal muscle)

( 2 parts)


O: Upper jaw (incisors/maxillary canine teeth)


I: nasal skin

F: Narrows the nostrils, pulls down the nostrils and backwards (desire, pleasure)



musculus orbicularis oris (circular mouth muscle):

(ostensibly a sphincter, it is basically made up of 4 parts).


It takes on the shape of the mouth as a result of the tension (tonus) and the surrounding bones and teeth.

O: corner of mouth, skin and corresponding jawbones I: corner of mouth, skin and corresponding jawbones

F: opening and closing of the mouth, blowing whistles etc. (partially/closed).


musculus masseter (one of the muscles of mastication, muscle for chewing)

(2 parts, strong superficial part and a deep part).


O: Zygomatic arch (arch of the cheekbone I: Angle of the lower jaw

F: movement of firmly closing the mouth and lifting the lower jaw.


musculus temporalis (temporal muscle)


O: Lateral surface of the head

I: protrusion on the lower jaw

F: strongest muscle for lifting the lower jaw


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facial muscles
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