Massage essentials

Massage essentials for the massage therapist training

Tips for purchase: Towels: Preferably use
dark towels, when using white towels oil stains are difficult to wash out.

Fitted sheets for the
massage table: buy a dark colored terry cloth or flannel single fitted sheet and cut an opening for
the facial indentation and hem it if necessary. (saves a lot of money!)
Massage table: when buying your massage table, please ensure the carrying capacity of the table is
250 kg! Many people are a bit heavier these days, and take into account the pressure you exert
when massaging. Wooden tables generally creak less quickly and are therefore better.

Would you like a table with foot control? It is an
investment but ideal! You actually don’t know how high a massage table should be exactly, until
your client is lying on it, in addition I also lower the table when I want to apply more pressure when
giving a therapeutic massage for example.

Massage oil: of course you can buy massage oil everywhere.

Oil absorbs quickly into the skin, so use a pure oil, make sure your client has no allergies when using massage oil

Hot stones and heater: if you search the internet, you can find enough offers to buy hot stones and a
heater. Please be aware that you need about 20 to 30 stones of different sizes. It is useful if the
heater has a thermometer.

Herbal stamps: You can also order herbal stamps via the internet. In the herbal stamp massage
course material you will find all information about making herbal stamps yourself.


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