Shielding : It is wise to shield yourself before conducting treatment, so you do not take over any negative energy from the client.

This means, protecting yourself against the possible absorption of ‘bad’ energy from your client.
You will find that if you are not properly shielded, you may be tired after having given treatment.

As if your energy has been drained.

You could even experience a headache or other discomforts.

So it is important that you do this exercise before massaging. You can do this in the following way.

Exercise  shielding

Do this exercise while standing.

Breathe in and out a few times, deeply but calmly. Abdominal breathing.

Allow the exhalation to last longer than the inhalation. Breathe in for four to five counts, hold your breath for two counts and exhale calmly, five to six counts.

Now visualize that your feet are connected to the ground.

You can imagine that you are a tree and your feet are the roots.

Feel the earth energy flow through your feet and fill you with energy.

Visualize a golden layer around yourself, a protective layer that no negative energy can penetrate.

No one or nothing can penetrate this layer.

Nothing or no one can take you energy, you only give the energy you want to give.

This is only one method, there are several methods for doing this.


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