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Because, due to circumstances, a practical massage course was canceled, I registered for the online reflexology course.
I was immediately enthusiastic. That is why I then registered for 3 more online courses. I am generally not in favor of online courses. What strikes me with these home studies are the many clear videos that make practicing easier. In addition, there are many tips that I found useful. I am also happy with the choice of books that are recommended. Most I already had in my closet. 🤗

Heidi Mooij

Thanks for your review Heidi!

Are you interested in home studies?

Then take a look at this page.

We give you online courses with video material, so you learn because the teacher shows you the techniques (on the videos), while you get the full explanation in the syllabus. You can log in again and again and view all the courses in which you participate. Always handy if you have not massaged for a while and you want to retrieve your knowledge.

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