Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage

Massage is considered one of the oldest forms of healing as it dates back around 4,000 years. Many, if not all, of the traditional healing practices, include some form of massage therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine incorporates massage methods into its system of healing. Traditional Chinese medicine uses massage to help balance the qi or the energy in the body, yin and yang, and the five elements of all living things.

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest healing systems based on balancing the energy in one's body, mind, and spirit. Massage therapy that uses various techniques is a part of traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine. Nowadays, Chinese massage is widely accepted as an alternative or complementary treatment for different ailments and concerns in the body.

Chinese Massage is famous for basing its principle on the qi, or vital energy that flows naturally. In massage, therapists use their elbows, fingers, and hands to stimulate different acupuncture points in the body rhythmically. It produces a vibration that helps influence the flow of energy throughout the body. Various energy points correspond to our organs, which positively affects our physical well-being in the long run.

Different massage techniques such as kneading, chopping, rubbing, or pressing against the skin help balance and unblock the body's channels so that the qi or the vital energy inside every living being can flow naturally throughout the body.

The principle of qi, or the life energy, permeates many elements of Chinese culture, including martial arts and calligraphy. Even for non-believers of Eastern philosophies, one can understand such principles as the desire to find a sense of calm, peace, and balance in everyday life.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the body has its natural patterns of Qi that flow through various channels that are called meridians. Imbalances and blockages in these multiple channels and qi deficiencies in the body cause various symptoms of many diseases. Imbalances can be gently corrected through different techniques such as nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

What are the different benefits of Chinese massage?

One of the benefits of Chinese massage is it helps in relieving pain in various body parts, such as the neck and lower back. For the record, it is one of the most common reasons people want massages.

Another benefit of Chinese massage is it helps in increasing energy levels. A massage therapist can help in initiating vigorous or relaxing techniques that can be applied to help you regain inner peace. Chinese massage can also help in improving one's quality of sleep, which is crucial in facing a new day with renewed and replenished enthusiasm.

Chinese massage also helps improve blood circulation as the principal meridians of the body run along with the cardiovascular system. The qi also has physiological links with healthy blood circulations. Various hand techniques such as perpendicular pressure and rolling fist help stimulate and energize the body's blood circulation. 

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