Reflex zone Therapy

Reflex zone Therapy is a centuries-old therapeutic treatment, which was and is used in many cultures to remain in optimal health.
It is a therapeutic system whereby the feet and hands are deeply massaged without exceeding the pain threshold!

Reflexology probably originated in China, 3000 BC. In China it was often used in combination with acupuncture. But also in Egypt inscriptions were found from 2500 BC which indicated reflex zone therapy.

In reflex zone therapy, we assume the body is divided into ten vertical energy paths, the so-called energy lines. Thus, these lines have nothing to do with acupuncture or meridians.

You can imagine that if your shoes are too tight, you can experience problems with that particular energy line. This can indeed have an effect on your health!

What is the difference between the home study foot reflexology and the home study therapeutic foot reflexology?

With our course foot reflexology you will discover and treat the reflex points of the organs step by step via video material. Truly a lovely massage, and this treatment also has a preventive effect on underlying complaints! Normally we offer the home study foot reflexology with a discount from €197,- for €127,- !

What do the students say about the course?

About a year ago I contacted you because I was looking for information about home study foot reflexology. I then bought the online course and it was very useful.
Hilde Sportel

Online course Foot Reflexology

You become familiar with the healing and wholesome effects of foot reflexology:
Know how foot reflexology originated and how it works.
You can apply the acquired knowledge by means of foot reflexology massage.
You learn the full foot reflex; names of the foot reflex zones and points, where and how you apply pressure, how long a treatment lasts.
Indications and contraindications; when is foot reflexology beneficial or no

For this online course I can also offer you a very nice discount! Instead of €197,- for you just €77,-!

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