hot stone treatment

Hot stone treatment: Hot stone massage was already used as a therapy in ancient times. Today it is one of the most requested and offered forms of massage in wellness resorts, tourist hotels, beauty salons and massage practices. As a hot stone masseur you can work in many places.

With a hot stone treatment, warm basalt stones are placed on or against the body and massaged.

With this massage I actually fall asleep, deep relaxation, so lovely.

But giving the massage is also a lot of fun!

The stones form a heat source which allows the body to relax. In addition, the heat has a healing effect because it stimulates processes that remove toxins (waste material).

When the hot stone treatment is combined with a hot stone massage (with essential oils), the effect increases. You massage with the stones. The combination of heat and movement allows you to get close to the muscle tissue. The self-healing ability of the body is stimulated by this. Emotional and physical energy flow better.

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a hot stone treatment

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