Cupping Massage is a Holistic therapy

Cupping Massage is a Holistic therapy, whereby the body and mind are balanced.

The chi or qi (Chinese for life energy) will flow through the entire body without blockages.

By applying a cupping massage, toxins will be removed. The blood flow is stimulated because the cups drain the blood upwards. In China, the old method (which is still applied) was used by briefly holding a flame in a half glass ball or ceramic cup and placing the cup on the skin, due to the lack of oxygen in the ball, a vacuum is created and the skin is sucked up. Nowadays there are cups (besides glass cups also plastic cups) where you vacuum the cups via a pump, but also the well-known cups with a pump attached to the cup itself.

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cupping massage is a holistic therapy

Cupping Massage is a Holistic therapy

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